Air Jordan Horizon Sneaker Review

Air Jordan Horizon Sneaker Review

okay we get these details I’m adding speech what’s good was good at your boy DJ Dells from the sneaker addict dot-com taking a look at these Jordan Horizon shoes right here let’s get up close take a look at them you’ve got this mesh like material on the upper with this design going throughout it looks cool there’s a look at the toe and then going up and you can see it’s kind of like on the jordan futures the way it is except it’s straight up with your branding up top and then your branding in the footbed right there it’s very thin also the actual upper quick look at the medial side as far as the fit .

I recommend going through this size unless you have a wide foot then go up half a size and then taking a look at the outsole you got from the 13 inspired by a Panthers claws you can see that look and the translucent hits on the outsole it’s got this kind of tint to it like a black tint and there you go with a close-up HD look at these shoes in my opinion honestly when I first seen images I was like I don’t know about this right here but I was also like that with the Jordan futures when I seen the Jordan futures in person,cheap jordan shoes, I was like you know what I actually don’t mind these things and it’s the same thing with this model right here I actually like them now that I’ve seen them in person do I love them like I’m gonna buy every single one nope but I’m not mad at this shoe at all definitely is not a whack pair of cakes to me.

but it’s not like amazing so that’s my thoughts on them if you’re looking for them I will put that in the description box below to make life easy for you guys of course hope you guys enjoyed this episode make sure to show that love hit that like button Duffy goes a long way especially the ones that were requesting a close-up HD look at this shoe if you guys request videos I always try to give you guys that someone asked me a couple of days ago to talk about ,cheap jordans for sale,if I won the lottery what shoes would I buy and I actually ended up doing that video check that out and a bunch of other episodes.

I’ll throw that all in the description box below and leave your comments with your thoughts I love reading the comments and I try to read as many comments as possible,cheap jordan 11, because I enjoy I love sneakers and that’s why we got this channel here at youtube-dot-com forward-slash the sneaker addict if you haven’t subscribed yet please do so hit that like button if you love the show thank you for watching and with that says we up

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