About us

About us

In 2011, our family of three (at the time) decided to leave London, where we had spent a good 10-year for a fairly important « life-changing » experience. And so here we were, settling in a corsican village of 500 souls… However, our choice was a family choice as we moved back 5-km away from the home village of Jean-François’s family Moca-Croce.

It’s obviously been a real adventure since then and taking over « U Pratu » has been a big part of it. We simply love this site, dominated by the majestuous San Petru Mountain, with rich soil for great gardening, a small river stream passing through and plenty of space for our kids, Emma, David and Benjamin, to run and enjoy life like they never would in a big city.

We will not tell you that it was all rosy and easy but, truthfully, never once have we regretted « getting away from it all » and it just feel so right to be in this new life.

We’ve had our first touristic season in 2012 and since then, it’s been a marvelous experience every year to welcome guests from all over France and Europe and help them discover Corsica in the best possibe light.

We try and bring new and interesting things to our guests every year while keeping it simple and in phase with the « vibe » of Pratu !