There are beautiful beaches within short distance (from 25 min to 1 hour drive) of our place.

Cupabia – 25-30 min approx.

One of the nicest beaches in Corsica! A large open bay with a wild background landscape free of buildings or houses. A long flat sand bank is convenient for family with Small children. It does get very busy in August…

Bay of Cupabia

Porto-Pollo – 25-30 aprox.

The beach of Porto-Pollo village can get busy in summer. The beach is sheltered from the open sea and so the water is rarely choppy and there are many amenities (diving, sailing…) available as well as nice simple restaurants with beach terraces.

Portigliolo – 45 min approx – Campo-Moro – 60 min approx.

Portigliolo is at the end of the beautiful bay where the rizzanese river reaches the sea. The sand is fine and white and the beach is very large, making it very pleasant even when it gets busy. A large sand bank also makes it very pleasant for little kids. Very good restaurant too at « u Livanti ».

Campo-moro is another 10 min drive on the same road. It is a very popular spot for the whiteness of its sand, the clarity of its water and nice old houses on the side of the beach.

Cosy village of Campo-Moro