Further away

Further away

Corsica is a small island and lots of the most popular landmarks on the island are within a day trip from our place. A few examples herebelow.

Bonifacio (2 hours drive)

Bonifacio is probably the most popular tourist activity in Corsica. It is busy, all year round. Boat tours provide access to two main sights: the limestone cliffs and the Lavezzi islands.

The needles of Bavella (1.5 hour drive)

Located at 1200m of altitude, the mountain pass of Bavella is popular for its rugged rock “needles” (“aiguilles” in French) that offer a unique lunar-like view. The pass is also the starting point of many walks that take visitors around the rock landscape, sightseeing the many holes and weird cavities created by wind erosion.

Corte and valley of the Restonica (2h/2h30 drive)

Corte is a symbolic place for corsicans. The largest inland city on the island became its capital when Pascal Paoli led corsicans to independence in 1755. With its fortified citadelle, its  history and its unique location at the entrance of some of Corsica’s most beautiful valleys and mountains, Corte is a hard to miss place in Central Corsica.

Generally, due to its location, Corte is also the departure point for many excursions into the  neighbouring valleys, and notably the very popular and stunning valley of the Restonica.