Jordan Ultra Fly 2 Low Performance Review

Jordan Ultra Fly 2 Low Performance Review

what’s up guys I’m back with another basketball shoe performance review in this video I’ll be reviewing the Jordan and ultra fly to Moe’s now I’ll show you a close-up look at the shoes the price is $100 and I actually got them on sale at finish line once again for 50 2.48 cents and by the way these shoes are pretty much the same thing as the original Jordan ultra fly – except there are a couple of changes now the traction is adequate alright so this is the next day I was recording I don’t know two in the morning and I was getting tired so I just stopped what I was doing and went to bed ,cheap jordan 11 low,so as I was saying the traction was adequate that is on the indoor courts and these shoes are amazing outdoors so the traction pattern is multi-directional and the black parts are rougher than the white part see it’s harder to move the black parts and it’s easier to move the white parts moving forward to the cushion the cushion is superb I believe they injected a Phylon midsole it’s also very squishy .

by the way there is a zoom unit and it is probably in four-foot next we have the materials so there’s a type of knit that starts from the back all the way around so it’s on the front right there and here and all the way around to the other side of the top of the heel there’s also the Jumpman logo right there in right there and there’s also this tab that helps it stretch out to fit it on now we have a fit the fit I’d say is standard if you have a wide foot,cheap jordan 11, I would just tell you to try them on and there’s also a negative part of the fit on the shoe when you first purchase these shoes the only struggle is to get them on it takes a lot of effort and can make you frustrated just to try to put the shoe on but once you break it in it’s easy and it’s like a normal fitting shoe with a 1 bootie upper the ventilation is OK .

once you wear these shoes for a long amount of time such as a whole school day the insides feel a little damp and it leaves some sweat on your socks in on the sole on the inside of the shoe,jordan 11 china, so the ventilation is ok your feet do get a little warm lastly the support support is decent not the best not the worst but it will do my overall rating for the Jordan ultra fly to low is an eight point two five out of ten I think these look better as a casual shoe instead of a basketball shoe so if you want a cushion casual shoe go ahead and get these for fifty two dollars I think my money was well spent and this is the end of this review

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