At Pratu, we try and progressively reduce our carbon imprint and use all the technologies at hand, when budget allows, to create an eco-friendly environment. It’s not perfect but we’re slowly improving things.

Solar power
Our house hot water is fully powered by solar panels. As one of the main energy consumption of the home, we are trying to make the best of Corsica’s heavy sun exposure. Solar energy is one of the big eco-energy developed in Corsica, notably with an ever-increasing number of photovoltaic power stations. In a near future we also plan to have our two new bungalows fully powered by solar panels as their roofs seem to have enough exposure for it.

Waste management

All our bungalows are equipped with a compost bucket so that you can throw it separately in our compost areas of the garden. We then use this compost to improve the quality of our soil and reduce water consumption too.
Since 2016, all bungalows waste waters are also processed through our sanitation garden.

Plan of a sanitation garden

The waste waters go through two stages of macrophyte plant filtering before being released back in the environment. Amazingly, sanitation gardens have proven much more efficient at cleaning water than traditional waste water tanks and therefore much more eco-friendly as they release water that can be used for watering !

Thermodynamic water heating

A novelty in 2017, we have installed a new water heating system for our three original bungalows. We have decided to go with a thermodynamic system. Thermodynamic water heaters are hybrid systems that use the hot air around, capture it, and re-use it to warm up the water instead of using electricity.

It particularly made sense for us given that our bungalows were exclusively used in a period when there is plenty of hot air around and that we hope to have very little need to use electricity to complement the use of hot air.

You have ideas and suggestions to help us? Please don’t hesitate and contact us!

The air-recycling pump