Slowly, we have started to grow our orchard with citruses (grapefruits, clementines, lemons, lime, citron peels), figue trees, apple, prune and medlars.

On the lower part of the land, stand full-grown olive trees. We have acquired that part of land recently and did a lot of cleaning and much needed pruning to get the trees back into shape for production. Harvesting is done every two year in Corsica to produce a mild and fruity olive oil. We had a first small production this year but expect to have approximately 20 fully functional trees by 2022!

Mela Petrulaccia – Local endemic variety

That part of Pratu is also a beautiful place to stroll trough, take a nap under an olive tree or picnic under our giant pine tree or hundred-year old cork-oak trees.

Concerning the fig tress, there are about 30 young trees now growing that have recently produced their first fruits, mainly during the early automn period… white or black, they are simply delicious.