Jordan 6 rings review-How to lace up On feet

Jordan 6 rings review-How to lace up On feet

hey guys I’m gonna be doing a review on the Air Jordan six rings these are the white black dark Conchords and yeah in this video I’m gonna be doing a review on a lace-up on I like to lace them and just a non feet little time off thing so starting at the stole a purple here  cheap jordan 11 low,carbon fiber right here a lot of detail and a little air jordan Bogle and moving up metals nothing really to fancy getting up to here you got the like a slick black right here and a Air Jordans on right here .

moving farther up you got the laces just white and thing that makes it really unique is the straps says Air Jordan right across there and you gots driving the other side too and classic just Air Jordan on the back and it’s a little ring to help you get it on and now on to the tongue yeah on the tongue it says TW o 3 you got well waste water thing right there it’s just 23 on the other side and then it just a Jordan sign on top of the tongue and then on the back here like inside the tongue it says 19 I don’t IV l since you left it says 1 says 96 97 98 and then right here there’s like an ankle supporter thing right there .cheap jordan 11.don’t ya that’s really bad – this shoe and now I’m gonna show you guys how I like to lace them up so how I like the lace my there Jordan six Ricky’s you want to take the latest Horner out and just like some well before you get to the big hole right there .

so now I’m going to put one through big hole and then if I could and then you have this thing right here if you guys can see that smaller ones for a smaller face the bigger ones for bigger feet rulings on week three and I’m just gonna put mine in the bigger one just on them and then do the same with your other side and now here is where this thing your legs waters gonna come into play what you gonna do is whatever you want it spell your preference the Jordans on up to 23 facing whatever you want I’m just gonna push down put a lace through just pull it ,jordan 11 china,through get your other lace and put that one through as well just pull it through and get it tight so get even there and then once you do that there’s a lot of different things you can do from here you can just tuck them down in around like to do is yeah this whole thing up here I’m gonna put the lace up and through there and then just pull it tight.

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