Pratu is located within a short distance of many popular climbing sites of the Alta Rocca region and it is a great base camp to travel around.

A 20min walk from our place will take you to Valdu di saltu, A very good practice site with a large array of training rocks of various levels. However, be careful, it is also a prehistoric site and it will remain open to climbers as long as the site is not deteriorated so be very weary of the site and not damaging it!

Over 200 passes, from 4c to 7b.
Height : 7 m.
Rock type : granite.

Profile(s) : verticals, cambers, flat stone.

Type(s) de grips : tafonis, verticals, heavy grips, strips moutaineering, flat plate.
quality of landing : flat ground (1 crash pad necessary).
Additional information : shaded area.
Website :

Climb at La Tana

15 min drive from Pratu is the « rocher de la Tana »
Between 10 and 25 passes from 5c to 6c.

Equipment : adventure ground
Height : 90 m.
Rock type : granite. Profile(s) : vertical, flat stone. Type(s) of grip(s) : strips, flat plates.

Lots of other sites are within 1 to 2 hours drive, in the AltaRocca région and arouns the Bavella needles.

One of many Bavella climb