Organic garden

Organic garden

U Pratu, it’s also an organic garden that we maintain and grow all year round. The domain benefits from exceptional soil quality and several ground-water sheets running low under the land. Combined with corsican sun and mild weather, this unique setting delivers tasteful organic vegetables.

Every year, we’re glad to provide our guests with a whole array of products from this garden such as our gorgeous sun-riped « coeur de boeuf » tomatoes, fresh corsican spring onions or tasty « gariguette » strawberries

Organic technics

Every year, seedlings are carefully changed place, in order to let the soil rest and regenerate. Did you know for instance that leaf plants, potatoes, peas/beans, root plants (such as carrots or onions) consumed very different minerals and resources from the soil?

Thus, switching them  on the same patch of earth every year makes a key difference to the quality of the earth and how productive it remains.  We also use traditional technics to keep the moist in the ground and the weed away: straw or sheep wool enable us to keep the weed and the parasites away. As fertilizer, Heidi prepares nettle liquid manure or an organic bouillie bordelaise… absolutely no other chemical-based products are used to grow our vegetables and fruits.

All our bungalows are equipped with a “compost” bucket and we use this compost to improve the quality of the soil too.

Vegetables all-year round

Vegetables are grown all-year round at Pratu and can be chosen directly in the garden and bought from Heidi. From cabbages to our very popular riped tomatoes in summer, there is plenty of choice.














The vegetables and fruits we produce and their season*:

Autmun and winter : onions, broad beans, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, pumpkins, squash

Spring and summer : Asparagus, salads, onions, garlic, peas, courgettes, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers,  watermelons, aubergines, chard, figs, prunes, nefles, rasberries

* every season is different and based on the weather, the available crops, possible disease, we can never guarantee availability of some particular vegetables during your stay.